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Mera Pakistan

Its all about Pakistan !!!


Ahadith on Reverence

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace of Allah be upon Him) Said to His companions:
  • "Worship God as becommeth you." They said, "Verily, O Apostle of God, we do worship Him, and praise be to God who has imbued us with it." Then Muhammad said, "It is not so; but whoever reverences God as it is suitable for him to do must guard his head from humbling itself to others, and from pride and arrogance towards God and God's creatures; he must guard his senses from whatever is wrong, and must guard his mouth from eating forbidden things, and his heart from receiving what is prohibited; and he must keep his death in mind, and the rotting of his bones. And whoever wishes for future rewards must abandon the ornaments of the world. Therefore, anyone attending to the aforementioned points has verily reverenced God as it his duty to do.



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