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Mera Pakistan

Its all about Pakistan !!!



The Prophet Muhammad (Peace of Allah be upon Him) Said:
  • Prayers lighten the heart, and charity is proof of Iman (Faith), and abstinence from sin is perfect splendor; the Quran is a proof of gain to you, if you do good, and it is a detriment to you if you do wrong; and every man who rises in the morning either does that which will be the means of his redemption or his ruin.
  • When you speak, speak the truth; perform when you promise; discharge your trust; commit not fornication; be chaste; have no impure desires; withhold your hands from striking, and from taking that which is unlawful and bad. The best of God's servants are those who when seen, remind of God; and the worst of God's servants are those who carry tales about, and do mischief and separate friends, and seek for the defects of the good.



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