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Mera Pakistan

Its all about Pakistan !!!


Alms Giving

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace of Allah be upon Him) Said:
  • The best of alms is that which the right hand gives, and the left hand knows not of.
  • There are seven people whom God will draw under His own shadow, on the day when there will be no other shadow; one of them a man who hath given alms and concealed it, so that his left hand knew not what his right hand did.
  • The people of the Rasul's house killed a goat, and the Rasul enquired, "What remained of it?" Aishah said, "Nothing but its shoulder; for we have sent the rest to the poor and neighbors." The Rasul said, "The whole goat remaineth except its shoulder; that is, that remaineth which ye have given away, and what ye have kept in the house is frail."



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