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Hazrat Umar's response to a Christian Ruler.

Once a christian sent few questions to Hazrat Umar (R.A) and asked for their answers from Hazrat Umar (R.A). The questions were as follows:

1- Two children were born from a mother, at same time and day. They both died on same day as well. How can their age differ by one hundred years? Who were they? How is this possible?

2- Where is the piece of land which is exposed only once to sunlight from the creation of the Universe to the Qayamat?

3- Name the grave that was alive? The person buried was alive. The grave travelled with the buried person who came out of the grave, lived and then died?

4- Who is the prisoner who is not allowed to breath in the prison but he is still alive?


After reading these questions, Hazrat Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) called Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas and asked him to draft response to these questions. Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas responded as follows:

1- These two brothers are Hazrat Aziz (Peace be upon him) and Hazrat Uzair (Peace be upon him). Both of them born and died on same day. But Allah, by virtue of his utmost command, made Hazrat Uzair (R.A) dead for one hundred years. Hazrat Uzair (Peace be upon him) was alive again, went home, lived for few days and then both brothers died on the same day. This caused a difference of One Hundred years between the ages of two twin brothers.

2- That piece of land is the bottom of the sea where Firoun was drowned. Hazrat Moosa (Peace be upon him) and his followers crossed the sea which as a miracle dried and made way for them to cross. The sunlight was there only at that time. When Firoun tried to follow them, the sea came to its normal position and drowned Firoun and his army.

3- The alive grave and person buried alive were Fish and Hazrat Younis (Peace be upon him). The fish travelled in the sea. Hazrat Younis (Peace be upon him) then came out of the fish, lived for some time and then died.

4- The prisoner who do not breathe in the prison is a child growing inside mother. Allah has not mentioned the breathing of the child inside mother. The child does not breathe but is alive.

Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) wrote these answers and Hazrat Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) sent the answers to the Christian King. The King reviewed the answers and said that there may be some Prophet still alive within muslims because these answers can only be answered by a Prophet.

(Ahsan ul Qasas, Page 262)






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